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Kenmare’s Killer Fries

Posted on Apr 26, 2010 in Gourmet Gossip

Joey Campanaro isn’t very trendy.  He’s a low key, Italian guy who likes to cook things like roast chicken and ricotta cavatelli.  But he took New York by storm with a 28-seat eatery named The Little Owl and his gravy meatball sliders.  Four years later, it’s just as hard to get a prime-time reservation at this charmed, Greenwich Village spot. Now, you can also try Campanaro’s sliders at Kenmare, his newest, Nolita venture and collaboration with nightlife impresario, Paul Sevigny.  But that’s not really what diners are fawning over.  Oh no, it’s the cheddar fries.  These crazy crispy fries are Campanaro’s riff on cheese & gravy-smothered “disco fries.” (There’s a disco ball in the buzzing lounge downstairs.)   Kenmare’s golden-brown fries aren’t doused, but sprinkled with a phenomenal combination of English farmhouse cheddar, green onions, curry, cayenne, and salt.  The...

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New York’s Finest French Fries

Posted on Jul 31, 2008 in Best Of

Pommes Frites 123 2nd Avenue Btwn.  7th Street and St Mark’s Place (212) 674-1234  Piled in paper cones, these twice-fried potatoes serve as the foundation for twenty-five different sauces, ranging from Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo to Irish Curry.  Leave your calorie counter at the door and indulge in the frites with poutine. Topped with Canadian-cured cheddar and doused in rich chicken gravy, it requires a fork and a brave soul to down an order in one sitting. Rare Bar & Grill 303 Lexington Avenue Btwn. 37th & 38th  Streets (212) 481-1999 Though this Murray Hill restaurant is better known for its burgers and steaks, take advantage of their $10 basket of fries with dipping sauces. Shoestring fries come in a crispy tangle, alongside thick and round cottage fries (with the skin on of course,) but it’s the pencil-thin...

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