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Dylan’s Candy Bar Heads to East Hampton

Summer just got sweeter as
Dylan’s Candy Bar launches the first in a series of mini candy bars on Main Street in East Hampton.  What was Nuts About Chocolate – a long-standing candy store in the chic village of East Hampton – is officially set to morph into Dylan’s premiere candy bar on August 4th.  Dylan, the candy girl herself, tells us, “there will be more to boutique venues to come in the imminent future: Miami, Austin, resort towns and many more cities across America”.  The Hamptons store will deal in what else, but candy, of course.  Candy bins, homemade ice creams, fudge, cotton candy, pre-packaged gift baskets and other private label goods will stock the shelves of this cozy nook.  And for the toniest of folks, they’ll conveniently be “candy-to-go” to cap off the haughtiest of clam bakes.  As if parking wasn’t difficult enough, come August it will be nearly impossible.

Dylan’s Mini Candy Bar
Address: 52 Main Street, East Hampton
Opening: Beginning of August

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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