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Hell’s Kitchen On the Rise – Lime Jungle

Robert and Enrico Malto, brothers who run a smattering of
neighborhood joints scattered about the city (Il Bastardo, Puttanesca and Zucchero e
, are set to introduce a taste of Mexican to Hell’s Kitchen.  Lime Jungle, the newest addition to the fold, will be serving fresh fish tacos, homemade corn tamales and a sizable selection of empanadas.  For the carb-averse, this mexican grill also offers a “lean quesadilla” and “low carb taco” alternative.

While there’s no table service at this take-out place, there will be table seating for thirty-two as well as fourteen at the counter.  Feel free to linger over frozen sangria, margaritas (mango, peach, strawberry and pomegranate), or Mexican beers.  Chef Alba Bastidias, who co-owns both Mama’s Empanadas and Papa’s Empanadas (with her husband Alberto Bastidias), will herald the kitchen at this joint.  In short, don’t skip the empanadas. Gothamist gave both spots their stamp of approval: “The empanadas at both locations are made fresh daily, cooked to order (baked or fried) and served with cups of cilantro-spiked aji.   There are beautiful moments on the menu—the Chorizo was tenderly spiced, the Queso delicious in its humility and the Chili-Dog was embarrassingly addictive.”

Cuisine: Mexican Grill

Phone: (212)586-6032
Address: 803 Ninth Ave. (Hell’s Kitchen)
Opens September 15th

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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