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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

700 125th St.,
New York
New York 10027
Phone: (212) 694-1777

You don’t have to have to truck all the way down south for a real deal roadhouse experience, just head up to West Harlem.   In fact,  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has gained worldwide recognition for its way with smoke and sauce, even winning first place on Good Morning America’sbarbecue throwdown.  (Not to mention their successful line of sauces and spice rubs sold all over the world and award for best cookbook from the National Association of Barbecue.)  But that’s not why we love them so much.  It’s the melt-in-your-mouth pork shoulder on the “Big Ass Pork Plate” that will make you realize why this place is so beloved.  Then again, their chicken wings are pretty phenomenal, too.   We recommend going with a big group, so you can get a smattering of dishes, including Texas Brisket Plate.  The brisket is smoked for up to 14 hours and served with house-cured pickled jalapeños.  And if you’re in the mood for a southern sandwich, they’ve got an array of specialties, like the Churrasco Chicken sandwich and the classic BBQ pulled pork.  Don’t forget sides, like Bar-B-Que Fried Rice and Seasonal Curried Succotash.

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  1. Most etymologists believe that barbecue derives from the word barabicu found in the language of the Taíno people of the Caribbean and the Timucua of Florida, and entered European languages in the form barbacoa. The word translates as “sacred fire pit.”,;^”

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