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261 Moore Street,
NY 11206
Phone: (718) 417-1118

In a city that’s known for its pizza, the guys at Roberta’s are doing their best to stand out and deliciously so we might add.  Not many pizza joints boast toppings straight from the backyard garden.  Nothing is as it seems at this Bushwick eatery with stiff chairs, loud music and some of the best cooking in the country.  Pies are just the icing on the cake here.  Chefs like Carlos Mirarchi are the reason the term “rock star chef” came into being.  The menu is studded with great dishes, like Scallops with carrots, pistachios, and yogurt, as well as Zucchini with Burrata, Bottarga and Breadcrumbs.

But it’s the creatively named pies with unique toppings that make Roberta’s a destination.  Duck pizza anyone?   The “Duck Hunt”, a dinner-only pie, is paved with duck proscuitto, pawlett cheese, leeks, rosemary, onions, chili, and charred sweet potato.  The crust is thick and doughy, a perfect canvas for this delicious mix of robust fall flavors.  Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu year round, so get to Bushwick for a taste while you still can.


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