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USB Herb Garden

ULIFE012200_01_M.jpgCity living has its pluses and negatives.  Turn the corner and you’re likely to discover yet another great restaurant, street cart, or food find.  Of course, there’s a catch.  Living space is cramped and so much for fresh air and playing in the grass.  Every spring, I get the urge to garden and a grow a few herbs of my own.  City living
doesn’t mean you have to give up the dream.

My computer is the last place I’d think of, but now there’s a USB greenhouse,
powered by your computer.  Who needs sunlight and land or even time.   You don’t even have to worry about when to water it your herbs now.  The greenhosue software will remind
you.  It’s perfect for growing a little basil,
mint, and oregano.  Making capirinhas for a few friends, clip and serve. Start planting!

USB Greenhouse…$43

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