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Wine & Dine Appetizer Tray

tray.gifEver been to a cocktail party?  It’s a juggling act.  It’s never fun to stand by
the food table just because you need a place to put your drink.  Or be the one standing in the corner with a
glass in one hand and plate in the other.  These  new wine and dine appetizer trays
finally solve that problem.  Each tiny tray is
 large enough to hold a variety of hors d’oeuvres while also cradling
a wine glass.  So you can know mingle all
you want without starving to death.  And
the host will have less spills to clean up.

4 Trays for $30 – Oval Appetizer Trays

One Comment

  1. Love this! It’s so true–trying to politely stuff your face and drink your wine, AND carry one a conversation without looking totally distracted because you are worried something is going to spill soon is not fun!

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