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Lebanese Cuisines


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Lebanese in Paris?  You’d be surprised how much ethnic food there is to eat in this beautiful city.  Moroccan, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and lots of Lebanese.  If you need a night off from Snails Bourgogne and Steak Frites, I recommend you go the Moroccan or Lebanese route.  (Japanese, especially sushi, is not the way to go in France.) Rimal is one of the most well known and respected Lebanese restaurants in the city, located a bit out of the way in the 17th arrondissement.  There’s also two, Rimal takeaway spots, one just across the street and the other on Boulevard Saint Germain in the 6th arrondissement.  You’ll pull up to find a glass frontage with tables looking out at the street.  The decor is subtle but elegant, with wood floors, white tablecloths and shimmery crystal chandeliers hanging overhead.  The...

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Despite the fact that New York is a melting pot of cuisines, good Lebanese is not as easy to come by as you might think. Ilili breaks the mold by combining traditional Lebanese flavors with more modern Mediterranean ones. One of our favorite finds at Ilili is the kibbe naye beirutieh, the steak tartare.

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