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Newsletter Policy

Restaurant Girl Newsletter and visitors to the Restaurant Girl are covered by our Privacy Policy.

What this Means

If you are a subscriber to the Newsletter, we collect your e-mail address. We then send each issue of the Newsletter to your e-mail address, or we send a notification to your e-mail address that the Newsletter is available at the Web Site.

Visitors to the Web Site who send us an e-mail on the website may provide additional information, some of which may be personal information. For each visitor to the Web Site, we may collect the Internet Protocol address from which you accessed the Web Site, the contents of forms and queries, what items you clicked on each applicable Web page, information about the browser you are using, and other usage information. Some of this information is personal, and some of it is not.

Your personal information will never be used except to make the Newsletter available to you if you are a subscriber, or to contact you if there is a question about your Newsletter subscription or to respond to a query about the Newsletter or the Web Site. We will never sell, rent, or give away your personal information to any outside party. We may disclose your personal information to a person or company that subsequently owns or maintains the Newsletter or the Web Site, but only if that person or company agrees to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy with respect to the use of your information.

We may send you e-mail updates about your subscription to the Newsletter or your use of the Web Site. We will never send you any other unrequested or unrelated e-mail.

If you choose to unsubscribe, we will honor your request.  Our computer systems usually process unsubscribe requests within a few moments of receiving the request.  If our computer systems are temporarily offline, we will take all reasonable steps to get them working again and will make every reasonable attempt to honor the request within 48 hours.  We ask that you be patient if you receive a newsletter within 48 hours of your unsubscribe request.  Note that we can only honor unsubscribe requests that provide all of the information we need to unsubscribe you, such as the specific e-mail address that you use for your subscription.