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Not Your Average Delivery

One of the great advantages of living in New York is
the fact that you can get anything delivered to your
doorstep.  Whatever cuisine you’re craving can be on the table within the
hour.   But dinner’s just the half of it.  What New Yorkers is the delivery possibilities are endless.  There’s local ice cream, farm produce, milk, and even seltzer.

Milkmade Homemade Ice Cream

The thing about ice cream cravings is you never know when one will hit.  Oftentimes, it happens late at night when everything’s closed and you’re in your pajamas, so you end up eating some generic brand that’s been sitting in your freezer for way too long.  Not anymore.  Milkmade is homemade ice cream, hand delivered to your doorstep.  Even better, membership-based company uses local ingredients in
every batch of ice cream.  Every month members choose from two handcrafted flavors,
such as mint-chocolate brownie and honey lavender with granola.

Max Delivery Service

This is a dream come true for lazy New Yorkers (myself included.)  How many times have you walked in the door and realized you forgot to buy toilet paper or garbage bags?  How many times has it rained this year and all you wanted was to rent a movie and eat Murray’s Cheese, but you just didn’t feel like leaving the house?  (I hear you.)  Now, you can order all of those things from one site that delivers.  Max Delivery brings new meaning to one-stop shopping — drugstore supplies, groceries, and even DVD’s.  The best part are all the gourmet goods they carry — Jacques
Torres Chocolates, Billy’s Cupcakes, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and Murray’sCheese — all delivered within an hour.


Manhattan Milk

I thought the days of the milkman were long gone.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  Manhattan Milk delivers organic,
hormone-free milk in glass bottles right to your home.   These days, they don’t limit themselves to just milk.  They also sell organic eggs, fresh
juice, bottled water, and plenty of other dairy products in both
Brooklyn and Manhattan daily.  They even pick up the recyclable glass bottles free of charge. 

Insomnia Cookies


How great would it be to have milk and just-baked cookies delivered to your door?   The masterminds behind Insomnia Cookies are college undergrads, of course.  They know what’s it like firsthand to get a midnight craving during finals.  So, they come up with this ingenious cookie company that bakes everything from chocolate chunk to oatmeal raisin to coconut
pecan, along with a bottle of milk to wash it all down. The minimum delivery for Insomnia is only $6, and if you’re an NYU student, you can
use your NYU card to pay.  What’s the catch?

Seltzer Man


There’s  old school delivery service school For old school delivery
service, call Eli Miller Seltzer Delivery.  Eli has been hand delivering seltzer for nearly half a
century.  He uses antique glass
bottles that he fills with seltzer in Canarsie and delivers to your doorstep
(Brooklyn only).  You will not only
get some of the best

CSA Farmshare

If you really want to eat local, this is the perfect way to do it.  From June to November, you get fresh, from farm-to-table produce delivered to your door.  Right about now, you’d have your hands on asparagus, citrus and ramps.  CSA isn’t from just one farm, but rather a whole community of farmers, which is perhaps, the best
way we can support local farmers.  You reap the benefits with weekly
deliveries of fresh produce.  Most
CSA’s in New York require their members to pick up their produce from a
designated site, while Farm Share delivers directly to you.  

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