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Apotheke's Morning Glory Cocktail

MorningGlory.jpgBy Apotheker & Co-owner Albert Trummer

A luminary among bar chefs, Austrian born Albert Trummer conceived the cocktail menus for Town as well as David Bouley’s Fraiche in Los Angeles.  Before that, and long before it was fashionable, Trummer took the art of the cocktail as seriously as the art of cooking.  At Trummer Home in Greenpoint, New York, he introduced libations in strict accordance with the seasons, quickly earning a reputation for his exotic creations. 

Trummer re-emerges on the Manhattan bar scene at Apotheke located on Doyer Street in Chinatown.  With hundreds of rare and obscure recipes at his disposal, he infuses, stirs and swirls herbs and botanicals into various “pharmaceuticals” for whatever ails you come sundown.    Or in this case, come sunrise…

Morning Glory


  • 3 ounces Veuve Clicquot champage
  • 2 ounces of Trummer Home elderflower
    essence (available at Dean & Deluca)
  • 1 ounce fresh hibiscus
  • garnish with a fresh edible flower

Address: 9 Doyer Street, btwn. Bowery & Pell Sts.
Phone: (212)-406-0400

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