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Grill Wrangler: Three-In-One Barbecue Tool

GW-BLACK-1While the summer lasts, you’ll want to squeeze in as many grill side dinners as you can.  But who wants to deal with the hassle of toting a bundle of barbecue tools to and from the grill?  Not to mention the frustration of forgetting a necessary utensil and trying to make do with what you have.  With this Three-In-One Barbecue tool you’ll never again have to stress about having the right equipment for the job, since it puts the utility of all your grilling tools in the palm of one hand.  The Grill Wrangler is the only thing you’ll need next to the grill as you masterfully chef up anything your taste buds desire.

At first glance, the Grill Wrangler is a wide set of tongs, perfect for flipping the thickest of steaks on your grill.  But when the handles are closed, this versatile gizmo turns into a spatula with steam vents, so you can press those burgers to achieve the perfect grill marks.  And when you need to pick up and arrange those flawlessly charred pieces of meat or veggies on a plate, the gadget easily transforms into a grilling fork just by sliding a switch on the plastic handle.  At the end of the day clean up will be a breeze as you throw this stainless steel appliance into the dishwasher and chill.  We’ve officially deemed this handy three-in-one gadget the Swiss Army Knife of the Grill.

Grill Wrangler $37.99

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