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Dish Spotting: Bubby’s High Line $100 Sundae

Bubbys-Soda-Fountain-570x427Come summer, who isn’t a sucker for ice cream?  No, seriously.  But a $100 dollar ice cream sundae?  Bubby’s High Line just unveiled a new, over-the-top creation with homemade ice cream you’ll want to know the scoop on (get it, scoop?).

The elevated, soda shop spin-off of this popular, comfort food joint recently debuted “The Kitchen Sink,” a simply massive, 16-scoop sundae that sells for a cool $100.  Overflowing with four portions each of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip, all made in-house using Hudson Valley Cooperative milk, the frosty behemoth gets blitzed with homemade pretzels, pecans, peanuts, chocolate chip cookie crumbs, gingersnap crumbs, graham cracker crumbs, candied citrus peel, toasted marshmallow, homemade chocolate, raspberry and caramel syrups, rainbow sprinkles, house-made whipped cream, ten cherries, and finished with an American flag (because no other country gets 528341fea4f0623fc23baa18_800x600down like this)!

So if you’re looking for a truly balls-to-the-wall way to bid adieu to the summer season, gather a whole bunch of friends together (or just a few if you opt for the “Little Kitchen Sink,” a comparatively diminutive eight scoops for $50) — and stuff yourself silly on unapologetically indulgent ice cream.  Just think of it this way — bathing suit season is almost over.

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