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Butter Guide

P35125B.jpgBaking is an exact science.  Add a teaspoon of yeast to your bread mix instead of a teaspoon and it might not rise at all.  Butter’s integral to baking, but iy’d not always easy to measure.  Have you ever bought one of those wax paper-wrapped sticks of butter labeled in  tablespoon measurements?   It’s difficult to get an accurate measurement when nearly half of the butter is stuck to the wax paper.  And there’s no measurements on foil or paper-wrapped, artisanal butters.

This butter guide’s a sure thing.  Place the guide on top of a stick and cut according to the clearly labeled measurements, ranging from 1 tbsp to 1/4 lb.   The space between each increment is just wide enough for a butter knife, making for quick, easy cutting.  It’s terrific for baking, but you can use it for anything at all.  Even cutting a 1 tbsp off to spread on your toast in the morning.


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