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Fridge-Free Chill

Coooper Cooler.jpgThere’s nothing worse than a lukewarm glass of wine or beer bottle.  And we’ve all been to a
party where there isn’t enough fridge space.  Even worse, maybe it was your party.

That’s not going to happen again because I just discovered the Cooper
Cooler.   The cooler can chill a can from room
temperature to 43 degrees in just one minute.  Bottle of wine?
3.5 minutes.  Yes, we timed it.  All you need to is add ice and water and the machine will
do the rest.

It’s just in time for St. Patty’s Day
celebrations.  Grab some Guinness and a cooler for $59.  Slainte!  That’s cheers in Irish…

Cooper Cooler $59.00


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