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Chocolate Fondue Set

41J+p2RTXrL._SS400_.jpgThere’s something inherently sexy about chocolate, especially warm, melted chocolate.  Instead of buying your annual box of truffles or going out for one of those romantic dinners with special menus, you could celebrate Valentine’s Day over fondue.  This romantic red fondue set (pictured right) is perfect for couples with different chocolate habits — he’s the milk chocolate type, you’re the dark chocolate kind.

All you need is chocolate, wooden sticks, and dippables.  Once you’re chocolate’s melted, you can dip strawberries, nuts, marshmallows, bananas, or whatever else you can think up into warm melted chocolate.  You can even pour your melted chocolate onto ice cream.  The fondue set keeps the chocolate warm, so it doesn’t harden.  You can even melt cheese on one side and chocolate on the other.  It takes a lot less time than baking and is easy enough that couples can keep their focus where it should be– on each other.


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