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Chop 2 Pot Folding Cutting Board

Chopping Board.jpgSome cooking gadgets sound too good to be true.  Not this one.  It’s even better than its humble billing.  I don’t know about you, but I lose half of my ingredients on the way from the cutting board to the pot.  (I’m a fan of the ten second rule.)   The Chop 2 Pot not only functions as a cutting board, but also a chute to transport your chopped goods to the stove top.

Suppose you’re sauteeing mushrooms.  Slice them on the cutting board, then fold your Chop 2 Pot and carry the sliced mushrooms over to the saute pan.  Did I mention it’s also dishwasher safe?  It is.

Chop 2 Pot Folding Cutting Board


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