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Tim Ho Wan is Your Ultimate Chrismukkah Destination

imageChinese food is actually an integral part of many a Jew’s holiday season — it’s tradition to go out for Asian delicacies like Peking duck on Christmas Day, while most Christian celebrants are tucked away at home.  And with the recent opening of a NYC outpost of Tim Ho Wan (i.e., the world’s most inexpensive, Michelin-starred restaurant), the “Chosen People” are really in luck this year.  As — free from their sizable, Christmas-observing competition — they have a solid chance at scoring one of the year’s most sought-after tables (seriously, have you seen those lines?)

The fact that Hanukkah and Christmas coincide this year makes the timing especially perfect.  Who better than a dim sum specialist, to free us from the tim-ho-wan-nyc-001deep-fried tyranny of latkes?  Oil-kissed options abound at Tim Ho Wan; including pan-sizzled turnip cake, golden dumplings with pork, glistening vegetable spring rolls, and tender coins of eggplant, topped with coils of breaded shrimp.

But since each and every dish clocks in under $5.50, there’s no excuse not to try the bulk of the menu — simply check what tickles your fancy off of a photo shopped placemat.  Highly traditional, freshly-made items run the gamut from steamed, pink pockets of har gow, to sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, to baked bbq pork buns, to congee concealing specks of preserved egg.

tim_ho_wan_dumplings_by_adam_robbSo let the city’s Christians enjoy their holiday hams and gingerbread; all we need is abalone-sauced chicken feet to make our Christmas jolly.

Tim Ho Wan
85 4th Ave
(212) 228-2800

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