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Citrus Mister

imagesWith spring in full bloom, dishes packed with some sort of citrusy flavor are sure to make their way onto your dinner tables.  And with so many possibilities (think classic Lemon Herb Chicken, Artichoke & Tangerine Salad…the list is endless), chances are you’ll probably need to juice more than a few lemons, limes and oranges.  With all the amazing gadgets on the market, it seems like no one’s discovered the secret to juicing.  There has to be a more practical way than rolling it on the cutting board or microwaving it for a few seconds (does that even work?).

Well, this spring there’s a new gizmo that promises to help out in a ridiculously simple, yet utterly practical way.  Turn your lemons or limes into personal spritzers with this innovative Citrus Mister.  Just pop the mister right into the fruit and use it just like you would any other spritzer.  It comes with two sizes (one for smaller fruits like limes and one for larger ones, like grapefruit), and they even throw in a little stand to place your fruit upright on while you’re not using it.  Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.  Perfection?  We think so.

Lékué Citrus Mister $14.95


  1. This gizmo is too expensive. I can see it plugging up from ex. Lemon fruit or seeds. I will continue using lemon or lime small squirt bottles.

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