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Inside City Acres: A Grocery Store-Cum-Food Hall

While all-vendor food halls are a dime a dozen nowadays, City Acres Market in the Financial District has gone what you might call the Whole Foods route (only way better!), by operating largely as a grocery store, supplemented by an awesome roster of revolving stands.

So obey the directive of not shopping on an empty stomach by steeling yourself at the following tasty stalls, before packing your cart with bulk nuts, Brooklyn Lager and Cerrato Iberico cheese.

Artichoke Basille: Most people have a love it or hate it reaction to the signature Artichoke slice (a multi-pound behemoth of cream sauce, pecorino and spinach artichoke dip), but it will be a definite lunchtime draw to Wall Streeters in the former camp.  For the latter, there’s plenty to love about the comparatively delicate Grandma square, which boast deeply caramelized crusts and fresh garlic and basil garnishes.

Vanessa’s Dumpling House: This three location mini-chain may be known for their dumplings, boiled or pan-fried, and stuffed with chicken and basil, shrimp with spicy sauce or cabbage and pork, but your order at the City Acres kiosk should focus on their signature, slim sandwiches — made from triangles of sesame pancake, and filled with everything from eggs, pickled vegetables and tofu, to grilled chicken, roast pork and Korean kimchi.

The Cinnamon Snail: This all-vegan pastry concept has certainly become a food hall darling, re-appearing in the revamped Pennsy, and popping up in City Acres, too, with Blue Corn and Spelt Pancakes, Maple Mustard Tempeh Sandwiches, and French Lentil Burgers with balsamic fig reduction.

Beyond Sushi: The “beyond” of this self-proclaimed Green Roll guru is that they don’t serve any sushi made with fish or white rice.  You heard us right, and while we’re traditionalists at heart, we swear it’s really tasty.  Instead, you’ll find four options featuring black rice (such as the Sunnyside with braised fennel, avocado and butternut), and another quartet made with six-grain — think the Mighty Mushroom with enokis, shitakes and braised tofu, and the Sweet Tree, formed around roasted sweet potatoes and alfalfa sprouts.

JuiceBrothers: These cold-pressed specialists round out City Acres’ health-conscious credentials (Artichoke Basille notwithstanding) with fruit and vegetable beverages that are shredded and hydraulically pressed, with minimal generation of heat and oxidation (which kills valuable vitamins, minerals and live enzymes).  So cleanse your system with bottles of Blood Moon (pineapple, beet, cardamom), Green Routine (celery, spinach, kale), and Force of Nature; a slurry of cucumber, lemon and parsley.

City Acres Market
70 Pine St
(347) 987-3740

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