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Countertop Deep Fryer

Emeril-Deep-FryerWith summer still a few months away, it’s the perfect time of year to guiltlessly enjoy some of your favorite deep-fried comfort foods.  (We’ve got Fried Chicken on the brain right now.)  But deep-frying in your own kitchen is not as simple as it may seem (unless you’re totally cool with oil-stained aprons and a few minor burns).

This Countertop Deep Fryer from Emerilware is a great way to fry pretty much anything you can think of.  It’s got a resealable oil container that automatically filters and drains itself, and it even lets you know when it’s time for an oil change.  You can adjust the temperature to fit whatever you’re crisping up, and it’s small enough to be stowed away in a kitchen cabinet.  Perhaps best of all, it’s very easy to clean.  So go ahead and fry up onion rings, sweet potato fries, or even avocado and pickles.  You’re the chef, you can fry what you want to.

Countertop Deep Fryer $119.99


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