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Bagels Cuisines

Dish Spotting: Orchard Grocer’s Vegan Bagel and Schmear

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Alternative Meats, Best Of, Dish Spotting, Eco-Friendly Eateries, Restaurant

The just-launched Orchard Grocer might be the most modern “New Jewish” establishment in NYC, as — instead of celebrating schmaltz, whitefish and gribenes with nostalgic, pseudo-ironic abandon — it’s entirely meat, gluten and dairy-free.

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Wallflower’s Foie Gras Bagel Will Make You Rethink The Schmear

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Dish Spotting, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

A bagel and schmear is the consummate NYC breakfast, but what if you replaced the expected cream cheese with a river of whipped foie gras? Not something you could order at the corner deli, to be sure, although you will find it during brunch at the West Village charmer, Wallflower…

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Restaurant Spotting: Russ & Daughters Uptown

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

For a century-old establishment, Russ & Daughters has remained adept at keeping its name in the news. Not content with merely slinging bagels and lox from their original Lower East Side storefront, fourth generation owners, Josh Russ Tepper & Niki Russ Federman, are heading to the Upper East Side…

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Trend Spotting: New York’s Renewed Bagel Obsession

Neighborhood: | Featured in Trendwatch

We tend to take great bagels for granted, from the oversized, sesame seed-flecked frisbees at Ess-A-Bagel outposts to the highly burnished orbs at Bagel Hole in Brooklyn. But lately, a growing crew of young, hip chefs and shop owners have revived interest in the iconic breakfast item, like Black Seed and more…

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