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David Burke at Bloomingdale's

The grand dame of department stores is getting a modern makeover as celebrity chef, David Burke, opens a 2500-square-foot restaurant within its doors—with its own separate entrance and hours to boot.  Having already mastered upscale Modern American Fare at davidburke&donatella, he aims to reinvent lunch at his dual-concept eatery.  While the restaurant serves imaginative fare to ladies who lunch, those who run in a fast crowd can order gourmet to go from the Burke in the Box take-out counter or grab a drink after work at the sleek coffee and wine bar.  Of course, the whimsical world of David Burke wouldn’t be complete without an innovative creation: calorie-free flavor spray, a guilt-free condiment to complement any one of his edible works of art.  So if you crave “parmesan” on the risotto of the day, just ask the wait staff for a spritz of one of 18 flavors.  Chanel No. 5 or Smoked Bacon—now you can get both at Bloomingdale’s. 

1000 59th Street between Lexington and Third Aves.

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