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Divided Pan

divided pan.JPGMy least favorite thing about cooking is dirty dishes.  Which is why sink is always filled with dirty pots, pans, strainers, and spoons.  I’m not the best chef in the world, but even simple meals require a few essential tools.

How great is this pan?  It’s divided into two sections to cook two dishes at the same time.  One, it cuts time. Two, it cuts cleaning.   It practically screams egg and bacon, which also means only one pan to wash.  And this divided pan makes for less juggling and saves space on the stove,
since it only uses one burner.  It’s also great for
making the same dish two ways – spinach and mushroom omelet on one
side, sausage and pepper omelet on the other or chicken fajitas one on side, steak on the other – making it perfect when
cooking brunch for my vegetarian friends.


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