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Do-It-Yourself Butter Kit

creamy-butter-kit-largeIs there anything greater than the simple pleasure of freshly churned butter smeared on bread?  We don’t think so.  Or how about summer corn glossed in the good stuff?  No matter how you use it, butter is an irresistible accent, especially in summer recipes.  This one unassuming ingredient can turn your backyard barbecue, Fourth of July picnic, or potluck party platter into a feast for the senses.

We jumped on the Do-It-Yourself bandwagon a long time ago, growing our own mushrooms, making our own ricotta and even beer.  But how cool would it be to make your own butter?  We found this Fresh and Creamy Butter kit, so you won’t have to trek to the store to buy prepackaged butter anymore.

Made by Roaring Brook Dairy, this kit makes it easy for anyone to have the delight of sweet, homemade butter on hand.  This kit is equipped with every tool you need to get started, including an instruction manual, a ramekin, a shaker, and butter spreader as well as assorted herbs and flaked salt to season the butter to your fancy.  The only thing you need to buy is the cream!  With this simple kit, you can bring the farm-fresh taste of homemade butter to your summer in the city.

Fresh and Creamy Butter Kit $19

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