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Drink Spotting: Horseman’s Grogg at The Smith

The Smith, a lively American brasserie with three locations throughout the city, certainly has its own quirky classification system for cocktails.  A rum-based Ginger Smash and fruity East Village Passion are listed under “Muddlers” for example, and the Spiced Blood Orange Margarita, gin and grapefruit-laced Pink Pussy Cat, and secret recipe Bloody Mary are all stashed under “Long Pours.”  Not that The Smith is so busy being trendy that you can’t quickly identify a few finely executed, traditional drinks in the mix.  We especially love the Midtown Manhattan with rye, combier rouge and Vya (listed under “Fancy Cocktails,”) and a “muddled” Original Old Fashioned with bourbon, orange bitters and cherries.

Our suggestion?  Seize the season and zero in on the Horseman’s Grogg (a “Long Pour”), which is potent, spicy, and perfect for the holidays.  Made with maple and dark rum, cinnamon liqueur, tiki bitters, a splash of lemon, and garnished with a cinnamon stick (which can double as a straw if you’re into the lip-tingling heat), this festive brew is guaranteed to warm you inside and out.  Pair it with an order of crisp, homemade potato chips with a zesty blue cheese fondue – the perfect, piquant companion to a fiery mug of Grogg.

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