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Dumpling Press

8615114749128P.JPGThere are many levels of cooking.  Making homemade pasta or kneading your own dough is an advanced level.   I love freshly made  pork gyoza or pumpkin ravioli, but I’d never dare try to tackle them at home.  If you’ve ever tried to make them at home, you know how hard it is to keep the filling inside the dumpling using your hands.

But these days, there’s a kitchen solution for everything.  This dumpling press (shown right) saves you the trouble of making them by hand and produces perfect dumplings.  Just put the empty dough wrapper onto the open press and add the filling.  Then, moisten the edges of the wrapper and close the press to seal the dumpling, remove, and throw your creation in the steamer, fryer or oven.  The press is also perfect for dumpling-like treats from other cuisines such as empanadas, pierogi, and raviolis.


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