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Easy Holiday Entertaining

Holiday entertaining just got a lot easier with this dual purpose Crockpot and Food Warmer (pictured right).  If you’ve ever cooked for a large crowd, you know the biggest challenge is finding enough counter and cooking space.  A kitchen only has so many burners and city apartments are often more challenged.  Then, there’s the issue of saute pans, pots and slow cookers.

Whether you’re cooking for Easter or Passover, you’re going to need as many kitchen tools and you can get your hands on.  This Crockpot-cum-food warmer exceeded our wildest expectations.  There’s not one but three removable stone crocks, each with their own temperature dials so you can cook three different dishes at different temperatures at the same time.  It also comes with three serving containers that you can use for anything from dips to crudite as well as a travel lid that can also be used as a serving bowl.  This Crockpot Triple Dipper even doubles as a lazy susan, so guests can eat right off it.  Where holiday entertaining is concerned, this is one of our best finds to date.

Crockpot Triple Dipper Food Warmer $74.42

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