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What To Eat At Citi Field Now

Ballgame grub sure has come a long way past peanuts and crackerjacks, baby.

While we’ll always cherish childhood memories of summers at Shea Stadium, huddled in the bleachers munching hot dogs and chips (which undoubtedly cost more than the seats themselves), a whole new world has been opened up at the revived and renovated Citi Field; the state-of-the-art home of the Mets.

He uses actual filet mignon in his sumptuous, six-inch long sandwiches, augmented with au jus, sweet onions, and Monterey jack cheese.

Fabulous food options abound at two sit-down restaurants and plenty of club spaces, not to mention a veritable wonderland of truly exceptional concessions stands. So whether you’re a diehard fan and season ticket holder, or merely consider baseball a backdrop for a great feast, here’s where to chow down in style at Citi Field!

1. Arancini Bros
Originally a late-night-food adjunct to a Brooklyn bar, it’s no wonder this vendor was able to branch out to ballgames. Their deep-fried, easy-to-eat risotto balls (filled with pesto, buffalo chicken or classic ragu) have major stadium appeal – and it helps that they’re packed into perfectly portable egg cartons.

2. Blue Smoke on the Road
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