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Election Night Eats

Garrettpopcorn.jpgThis year’s election heard around the world– one that will result in either this
country’s first black president or its first female vice
president— is just a week away.  We’re making history here folks, consider it your duty to get in the spirit on election night.  Why not take advantage of election fever and honor this little quadrennial holiday we call the presidential election?  

There’s not much time to left to plan our election-themed party, so we asked — begged really — chef Christopher Siversen to drum up an election night menu to remember.  One that would provide the perfect talking points for an evening of politically savvy entertainment.  Whether
it’s the Sarah Palin-inspired Alaskan salmon or the Barack
Obama-inspired Chicago deep dish pizza, each drink and entrée on the
menu will present great fodder for election conversations.  If you really want to see your guests true colors, give them the option to graze on Obama or McCain popcorn, created by Garrett Popcorn (pictured above.) 


Siversen, the executive chef of the Glazier Group at
Bridgewaters and Twenty-Four Fifth,
is no foreigner to political and highly publicized figures.  He has cooked at private parties for President Clinton and for the entertaining guru herself, Martha Stewart.  So why not channel a little Clinton and Stewart by entertaining at home with a politically-charged menu?


On the menu:


  • The Cindy Chandy Cocktail – classic half beer and half lemonade
  •    The Obama Smoothie – Spiked autumn fruit smoothie


  • Sarah’s smoked salmon special-twice baked Alaskan salmon filled potato with crème fraiche and herbs
  • Barack’s deep dish Chicago style pizza’s
  • GOP Meat and Potatoes-Sliced Ribeye with Potato Fritters


  •       Individual Maverick Pies-Chocolate and Marshmallow with Graham Crust
  •        Elephant and Donkey Cookies and Cupcakes served with classic milkshake

Phone: (212)608-7400
Address:11 Fulton St, atop the Fulton MarketAddress

Garrett Popcorn website


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