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Electric Cocktail Shaker

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means entertaining guests will be on your to-do list at least a few times.  And let’s be honest, with all of those guests, you’ll probably need a cocktail (or three) to keep you sane.  If you’re hosting a celebration, you’ll be responsible for serving up the cocktails, unless of course, you hire someone to do it for you.

Give yourself (and your arm) a break and pick up one of the Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shakers before you start your entertaining duties this season.  It’s sexy, sleek and super functional.  Instead of getting carpal tunnel trying to shake drinks all night long, the shaker does all of the work for you with its gentle mixing blade.  Just throw in everything you need for a dirty martini, a cosmopolitan, or any of your favorites, and it will mix it to perfection in just seconds.  It’s even safe to throw the ice in, so your cocktails come out pleasantly chilled.  There’s a strainer, so you don’t have to fish any ice out after.  Try spiking some eggnog or whipping up a killer Manhattan for the winter celebrations.

Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker $24.23

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