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Flour Sifter

416KCT+axIL._SS350_.jpgThere are lots of wonderful and not so wonderful signs of the holidays.  (The unpleasant involve long lines, credit card debt, and frigid temperatures.)  The most pleasant signs are the aromas coming from the kitchen.  When you’re baking anything from cookies to cakes, clumps are the enemy.   This sifter not only un-clumps flour, but can also be used for any other dry ingredients like sugar, baking soda or cocoa.

What sets this apart is its curved shape allows you to scoop flour right out of the bag and the trigger sifting mechanism let’s you scoop and sift with one hand.  And the mesh opening prevents messes, so you can even use it to add finishing touches, like powdered sugar for the tops of cakes, right at the table.


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