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The Food Pod

foodpod egg.jpgThis strange gadget looks like it’s better suited to the space age, but it’s a life savior in the kitchen.   It’s called the “food pod” and it’s great for boiling, blanching, and steaming anything.  Say you want to boil some eggs, perhaps 12 at once, which is what the pod holds.  Simply place the eggs inside the pod and put the pod into the pot of boiling water.  You already avoid the potential of cracking and egg as you drop it in or having hot water splash out at you.

The food pod also functions as a strainer.  Once the eggs are done, pull the pod out by the handle on the top and let the water drain out of the holes on the pod’s sides. Better yet, the pod’s collapsible and fits into any sized pot.  The clips on top of the pod attach to the edge of the pot to keep it in place as well as for easy removal without burning yourself.


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