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Garlic Slicer

garlic slicer.jpg

The recent revolt against salt has me thinking that garlic might be the new salt.  Garlic boosts the flavor of everything from pasta sauce to roasted chicken to soup.  There’s just one drawback: Cutting the cloves.  Not only is it time consuming, but it’s also nearly impossible to get uniform slivers.   But the worst part is what I call “garlic hands” — the smell that lingers on your skin no matter how much you wash them.

This garlic slicer (pictured right) cuts it for you.  Your only job is to peel the cloves.  Put a peeled clove into the
chamber and twist.  One turn of the gadget creates 3 thin, uniform
slices.  The stainless-steel blade can slice two cloves at once,
which comes in handy when you’re cooking for a crowd.   Or you can store the extra slices in the refrigerator
for your next meal.   Another advantage is garlic-free hands, a big plus in our book.


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