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Gizmo Girl’s Wine Aerator

Of course, you can open a bottle of wine and start drinking.  But letting a wine “breath” goes a long away, especially where red wine is concerned.  Exposing wine to just the right amount of oxygen not only brings out more flavor, but also enhances the aroma and ensures for a smooth finish.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the tools or the patience to let wine breath, which is why we love our newest find — the Vinturi Tower Deluxe Wine Aerator Set  (pictured right).  In the time it takes to pour a glass, it enhances the flavor of any vino.   There’s no crazy contraptions, no transferring of wine from one container to another, and no spillage.  Did we mention the sleek design?  (That’s our favorite part.)

This 6-piece set includes the Vinturi red wine aerator, a tower arm, tower base, no-splash grate, and sediment filter.  Instead of juggling the aerator and bottle in both hands, the glass aerator securely hangs at the top of the tower, so all you have to do is pour.  If you’re partial to whites, Vinturi offers a white wine aerator set, too.

Vinturi Deluxe Wine Aerator $50.96

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