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Glide: Clip-on Knife Cleaner

GLIDE-03As foodies, we all know there is something special about a home-cooked meal.  After all, being Martha ain’t as easy as it looks and sometimes the cooking process can be less than elegant or even downright messy.  Just try chopping garlic or onions to add to a simmering sauce.  It’s a hassle when you have to constantly swipe the blade with your fingers to clean off all the goods.  Not to mention it’s a dangerous habit, as you can slice your finger on the blade when you try to clean it.  Oh, and did we mention your fingers will reek for days?  Yep.

That’s where the Glide comes in.  This clever Quirky product, invented by Calea Kelvin, clips on to just about any kitchen knife.  When it comes time to rid your blade of the build up from whatever you’ve just chopped, simply slide the clip down the knife and the Glide will do all the work for you as it cleans both sides.  Not only is this tool effortless to use with a comfortable finger grip, it keeps your precious chef hands safe from any cuts you might get while getting all of your freshly chopped herbs, gar  This small device that comes in a pack of two different sizes stores compactly on just about any knife.  Glide is the kitchen tool we’ve needed our whole life, and we have a feeling you’ll be wanting one too.

Glide $7.99

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