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Gotham West Market Lightens Up for Summer

It can be exceedingly difficult to choose amongst vendors when it comes to food halls.  Which is why — if you’re anything like us — you end up eating a swath through the entire place.  But now that swimsuit season is upon us, it’s somewhat inadvisable to ping-pong from pizza to burgers to pies.  Thankfully, due to a roster of surprisingly healthful options, you can graze your way through Gotham West Market with only a modicum of guilt.  Still feeling fat-phobic?  Visit the in-house cycling shop, and bike off a few of those calories!

El Colmado: Seamus Mullen’s Spanish tapas bar serves up ½ sandwiches with salad or soup during lunch; so sidestep the Hamburguesa, and try the Bocata Remolachas — a sammy of smoked and roasted beets layered with whipped goat cheese and a six minute egg — paired with Ensalada de Tomates; heirloom tomatoes, watermelon and crispy farro in a lavender vinaigrette.

IndieFresh: Everything’s gluten-free and dairy-free (as well as largely sugar-free and frequently vegan) at Akhtar Nawab’s virtuous IndieFresh, from the Paleo Granola with acai and fig puree and Broccoli, Coconut and Hemp Curry, to the Mushroom Caesar Salad and Avocado, Mango and Matcha Shakes.

Choza Taqueria: Akhtar Nawab doubles down on his wholesome, Gotham West presence with this Mexican roadside-inspired taco stand, peddling fillings like grilled steak with chipotle, citrus roasted chicken, and a tumble of chickpeas and mushrooms, ladled into warm tortillas, or fashioned into salads with romaine and beans.

Uma Temakaria: Uma’s Temakaria’s burritos pack an entire sushi dinner into a single, hand-held wrap; choose from sprightly fillings like salmon, tuna and cucumber (the Uma-Ritto), crab, apples and pickles (the O-Maki), and tofu, carrot and seaweed salad, in the Tofu-Ritto roll.

The Cannibal: The Cannibal may be ostensibly about meat, but you’ll find a fair amount of vegetation gracing their Gotham West menu, consider sides like Brussels Sprouts with salsa verde and capers, Roasted Broccoli Sandwiches with walnut pesto and gruyere, and Romaine and Feta Salad in a red wine vinaigrette.

Ample Hills: Since Ample Hills’ scoops are small batch and made with real ingredients and local, all-natural milk and eggs, you can go for broke and treat yourself to dessert.  Although you should probably eschew Ooey Gooey Butter Cake for Lemon Sky — vegan, lemon-ginger sorbet flavored with organic lemon juice and limoncello.

Gotham West Market
600 11th Ave
(212) 582-7940



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