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Halloween Cookie Pan

513+uP2EWWL._SL500_AA280_.jpgIt’s almost Halloween — my favorite holiday.  Who doesn’t love to dress up and eat lots of candy?  But if you’re feeling too old to trick or treat, or just lazy, you can still indulge your sweet tooth.  Buying a sack of snack-sized candy doesn’t take much effort.  If you’re a baker, you can make homemade, Halloween-shaped cookies.  If you’re not a baker, you can use ready-made dough.

There’s a variety of molds, each with 12 scary shapes, including a ghost, candy corn, and a tombstone.  The pan’s even easier to use than individual cookie cutters. It’s a nonstick pan, so the cookies are easy to pop out.  You can serve as is or decorate with frosting.  They’re perfect to pass out to
trick-or-treaters or to bring to a Halloween party. Now, I just need to find the perfect costume…


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