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Urban Grilling

handgrillWanna celebrate the first day of summer?  Get grilling. We may not seem like the type (hard core foodies who love a good four star meal), but we’re obsessed with all things barbecued.  There’s just something so quintessentially simple, satisfying, and well, American, about grilling up burgers, steaks, corn, freshly caught fish, and even peaches.

Alas, we live in New York and the closest thing we have to a backyard (if you’re lucky) is a sliver of a balcony (and that’s if you’re one of the lucky ones!).  So forget about a BBQ hot dog or grilled Greenmarket asparagus, right?  Not so fast. If you’ve got a handrail, you’ve got the makings of a grill if designer Henrick Drecker has anything to say about it.   Drecker has come up with a hanging grill the size and shape of your average flower pot, which requires very little room.  Just add charcoal, top with whatever meats, poultry or game you’re craving, don’t forget some local, freshly picked veggies, and go!   Summer in the city doesn’t sound so bad after all.

BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill $100.00

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