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Rotary Herb Mill

41JMR8GMM8L._AA260_.jpgDried herbs are a lot more convenient and often less expensive than fresh ones.  I’m guilty of tossing dried parsley flakes in broth and dried oregano in tomato sauce.  Truth be told, dried isn’t in the same league as fresh, fragrant herbs.  Flavor always wins out.

Unfortunately, it’s usually a pain to cut, wash, and de-stem fresh herbs. That is until we found this ingenious gadget.  This rotary herb mill (pictured right) does all the mincing for you.   Your only duties are to wash and pat the herbs dry, then place in the mill, and turn
the crank.  The chopped pieces come out the bottom of the mill.  You can grate fresh herbs directly over your plate.  Fresh oregano makes for an entirely species of spaghetti.  You might want to think about growing your own fresh herbs for your favorite dishes.  You’ll certainly save money and eat more flavorful foods.


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