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Herb Savor

Thumbnail image for 31mvqPatRLL._SS350_.jpgDried herbs don’t stand a chance against the flavor of fresh one. I love buying fragrant bundles of just-clipped tarragon and mint from the farmer’s market, but they often wilt before I get a chance to use them a second time. I end up having no choice but to toss the sad, brown leftovers after a couple days.

Prepara’s Herb Savor solves the problem, prolonging the life of herbs for up to three weeks.  Where cooking’s concerned, that’s a major breakthrough.  It’s like having an edible plant in your kitchen.  The ends stay submerged in water and the see-through plastic lets you see when you need to add more water.  The Herb Savor works on all kinds of herbs from rosemary to parsley, and even asparagus, and is compact enough to fit in your refrigerator door. $29.95

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