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Grill Gadgets: Himalayan Salt Plate

Grilling is without a doubt the way to cook in summertime. So many possibilities and so little time to enjoy the great outdoors and the smoke of the grill imparts on everything that touches it.  The thing is we often get stuck in a rut, using the same dry-rub or marinade every time, flipping burgers or turning corn.  There’s always ways to up the ante and we just found one: The Himalayan Salt Plate. How about salt-seared steak or a salt-grilled Wagyu burger?  You can spice up the grill this summer (literally) with the Himalayan Salt Plate from Sur La Table.   This hand-cut slab of pink Himalayan salt heats up on top of the grill and serves as a pre-seasoned cooking surface for your grilled favorites.   It not only adds salt flavor, but also a dose of minerality.  And you can use it for just about anything on the grill or in the oven, including shrimp, scallops, vegetables and meat. Or you can chill it and use it to serve sushi, tuna or beef carpaccio, cheese, or any other finger foods to your guests.  The salt is naturally anti-microbial, so just give it a good scrub, pat it dry, and it’s ready to use again.  We love the way shrimp and market fresh vegetables taste when they get a hint of extra flavor from the salt plate.  Happy grilling!

Himalayan Salt Plate $29.95

Himalayan Salt Plate Holder $12.95 

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