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Home-Infused Olive Oil

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.02.02 PMHave you noticed the amazing array of flavored olive oils you can buy in the grocery store these days? Nevermind all of the homespun flavors you’ll find on the table in restaurants, like Blood Orange or Lavender-Thyme Olive Oil.

Well, you can make them yourself at home.  This ridiculously affordable infuser allows you to flavor with pretty much everything – from garlic to sage, and even jalapeno.  (I’m a meyer lemon fanatic, so I made a awesome Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.)

This glass infuser is so exact that you can measure it down to the teaspoon for cooking.  Or just leave it on the table for a casual bread dipping course to show off to your friends and loved ones.   (Add a fresh sprig of whatever you infused it with for show!)  It’s super easy to clean, so you can rotate flavors regularly whatever you’re craving.

Olive Oil Infuser $20.00

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