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The Ice Orb

ice-orb-page.jpgAh, the good old days of ice trays that take up too much space in the freezer.  I usually just call the corner deli for a bag of ice when I really need it.  That is until I found this futuristic-looking gadget (pictured right.)

It’s called the ice orb and unlike most trays, this one’s vertical so it leaves room for ice cream and life’s other frozen necessities.  That’s not the best part.  This is:  The orb uses a water displacement method to freeze the cubes on a vertical wall.  Just remove the inner bucket and fill the orb with water, then place the bucket back in, put on the lid, and pop it in the freezer.  It makes 21 cubes and stores 51, making more cubes than regular trays in less time.

It even doubles as a cooler for wine or cold snacks like ice cream or dip.


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