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Mini Piecrust Cutters

The only thing that gets us through the loss of summer is the anticipation of fall foods, like sweet potatoes, apple cider, chili, and squash.  And especially pies.  There’s just something about Pumpkin or Apple Pie that cushions the blow of colder weather.  Since everyone’s digging minis sweets these days, we thought we’d find out how to make Mini Pies.  How impressed would your guests be if they each got served a fresh from the oven Mini Pie of their own for dessert?

We love these adorable piecrust cutters form William Sonoma.  Unlike so many pie cutters, this comes with a mold to shape both the top and bottom.  There’s four different shapes, including a pumpkin, acorn, leaf and turkey.  You can use it to make a cut out design for the top crust, too.  Instead of one flavor fruit pie for everyone, you can let guests pick and choose their fillings.  That will really up your game as a host.

Pie Crust Cutters $19.99

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