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Mother’s Day DIY Cheese Kit

Last minute shopping has never been our strong suit, so we figured we’d better get a jump start on Mother’s Day gifts. If you’re mother’s a chef, an aspiring chef, or just a foodie, this may be the perfect gift.  We’ve always loved Do-It-Yourself gadgets to experiment and experience things for ourselves, but we’re a little intimidated by the notion of making our own cheese. That is, until we stumbled upon William Sonoma’s Cheese Kits (pictured right).

We’ve seen and tried our hand at making cheese before, but these are almost too easy.  And you can make cheese in less than an hour.  (Yes, really.)  Each kit comes with all-natural ingredients to churn out homespun cheese, including a thermometer, cheese cloths and bacteria. Your mom can make ricotta, mozzarella or goat cheese for pizza toppings, pastas, salad, grilled cheese or anything she can dream up.  She can also add her own herbs, like sage or rosemary, for a more personal touch.   The only thing you need to supply is the milk, which you can grab on your way to see her on Mother’s Day.

DIY Cheese Kit (Mozzarella/Ricotta $25 or Goat $29) – Sur La Table

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