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My Favorite Gizmo Ever — Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

teavana pot.jpg

I love tea almost as much as food.  There’s something about the fragrance, the taste, the ceremony of it all that soothes even the most type A individual.  Nothing compares to a cup of loose leaf tea.  But it requires time, clean up and equipment, which is why most opt for traditional tea bags.

This is my favorite gizmo to date.  All you do is open the lid, pour your favorite kind of loose leaf tea in, add hot water, and let it steep for two minutes.  The coolest part about it is the liquid only comes out when you set it on top of a cup and a freshly brewed cup of tea.  Say you set it on the counter to grab a mug, no stain on the countertop.   You can place it on top of any tea cup of any size and the liquid releases accordingly.  To wash, just toss it in the  dishwasher.

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker $17.95

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