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If you’ve spent time traveling abroad, I’m sure you’ve realized it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to make dinner reservations on your own, what with country codes and different time zones.  Never mind foreign countries with languages that are foreign to you, too.   And it’s even harder to get a table at a hot restaurant where prime time tables are scarce.  If you don’t speak the language, you have to rely on your hotel’s concierge to do the negotiating for you. (And if you rented a flat, villa, apartment, or chateau, well, it’s even more impossible.) According to the food blog, Eater, a reservation at Yam’Tcha is one of the “Eleven Toughest Reservations in the World.”   (It’s in such esteemed company as Noma, Tickets and The Fat Duck.)   Truth be told, one of the reasons it’s so difficult is...

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Le Grand Vefour

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Sometimes a restaurant can play a part.  Some make you feel cool and in the know, while others make you feel sexy and in the mood.  Le Grand Vefour makes you feel like a fancy Frenchmen (or women), so you’ll want to dress up for the part.  If you’re looking to dine back in time — think France a la Louis XV — this two century old institution, which opened in the Palais Royal all the way back in 1784 is a marvelous option. Dining at Le Grand Vefour is like dining in a museum and a stunning one at that.  The neoclassic walls and ceilings are trimmed in mirrors with glass paintings of goddesses, red velvet banquettes, brass fixtures dangling from above, and tables dressed in white tablecloths.  It’s a beautiful old school room where Victor Hugo and Napoleon...

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