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Restaurants in 04 ème

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L’As Du Fallafel

Cuisine: | Featured in City Guides, Restaurant

Paris is one of the last places you would think you’d find mind-blowing falafel, but L’As Du Fallafel’s rendition is better than any I’ve had to date, including in Israel. This is God’s gift to Middle Eastern mezze, though you’d never know it from looking at the ugly green and yellow exterior or no frills dining room, equipped with plastic forks and knives, located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. Sometimes, I like to walk by this spot just before noon and savor the calm before the storm…

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Florence Kahn

Cuisine: , | Featured in City Guides, Restaurant

You wouldn’t expect to find a boulangerie in the heart of the Marais named after the first Jewish woman to serve in the United States Congress. But there’s nothing American about this shop, easily identifiable by its beautiful, blue and white tile mosaic on the facade. (It’s actually a Paris landmark, which originally opened back in 1932.) In fact, it’s one of the last standing, traditional Jewish bakeries in Paris’s Jewish Quarter, and undoubtedly the best, especially for Pre-War Europe classics…

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