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Nespresso’s Aeroccino Frother

If you’re a latte drinker, cappuccinos, macchiatos or even cocoa, you’re going to need frothy milk.  Which is why so many people throw on their coat and head to the nearest coffee shop.  After all, it’s hard to achieve respectable froth or steam without scalding the pot, burning the milk, or just failing altogether.

Not anymore.  We discovered this good-looking chrome frother (pictured right). It’s compact and a seriously great find.  It comes with two whisk attachments, so you can froth two cups of milk at a time and it’s just as good at steaming milk, too.   The pitcher lifts off the base for easy pouring and its non-stick interior makes cleanup simple — no rigorous scrubbing involved.  The automatic turn-off feature is also great for busy mornings when the last thing on your mind is turning everything off as you’re dashing out the door.  Mornings just got a whole lot easier.

Nespresso Aeroccino Frother $99.95 

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